Warranty and complaint regulate the relationship between the Seller and the Buyer on selling the astronomic observatories and accessories to the astronomic observatories (hereinafter referred to as the Goods) designed for astronomic objects and sky observation. The Buyer, as for this agreement, is understood to be a final user – a citizen.


Frantisek Antropius
Address: 122 Hriskov 43904 Czech republic
Identification Number: 75199963
E-mail: info@observatoryinthebag.com
Tel.: +420 602796960

Warranty terms and conditions

1.1 Warranty period for the Goods is 24 months

1.2 The bill of sale/tax document serves as a warranty card.

1.3 The warranty period starts running on the Goods reception by the Buyer.

1.4 The warranty does not apply to defects caused by an improper placement, improper treatment, unsuitable working conditions or use contrary to the instruction manual, further by damage to Goods during their transportation, improper handling or ordinary wear and tear of the Goods (or their parts) caused by their use. In such a case the shorter product life cannot be considered to be a defect and it cannot be complained about as such. The claim under warranty also expires in case of an unauthorized interference in the product by the Seller or the third person.

1.5 Warranty period is extended by the period of time for which the product was in the warranty repair and the Seller is obliged to mark it in the bill of sale/tax document.

1.6 When the warranty conditions are observed and the bill of sale is presented and on delivering a clean complained product part, the Seller shall ensure free removal of all faults under the warranty and during the product warranty period if caused by manufacturing defects or defective material so that the product can continue to be used properly.

1.7 The Buyer is also obliged to keep proofs of the warranty repair carried out together with the bill of sale.

1.8 If it is found out during removal of the product defect (repair) that the defect does not fall within the warranty, all the costs with its removal shall be paid by the Buyer.

1.9 Warranty rights expire if not made during the warranty period.

1.10 By paying the purchase price the Buyer takes into account the warranty conditions.


In case the Buyer finds out a defect of the purchased Goods during the warranty period not caused according to the article 1.4 of the warranty terms and conditions but by a defect of the product itself,  he has right to claim the Goods within the warranty period. As for the complaint of visible defects being on the Goods already on taking delivery of the Goods, the Buyer is obliged to exercise the right under warranty without undue delay. Later complaints of visible defects shall not be taken into account.

Complaint procedure

If the Buyer exercises the right under warranty and delivers the Goods because of the complaint, he is obliged, within his compass, to describe the defect type as accurate as possible and the form which the defect manifests itself. The Buyer shall attach the copy of the bill of sale/tax document and the defect description to the warranty returns. If the Buyer sends the warranty returns by a shipping service, it is convenient to send the Goods in an original packet or suitable shipping container. At the same time the Buyer is obliged to insure the Goods for its current sales value. The Seller is not responsible for potential mechanical damage caused by their transportation before the Goods acceptance.

Complaint settlement

The Seller shall judge the complaint legitimacy and the Goods defect as soon as possible. After judging the complaint the Seller shall notify the Buyer of the way of the complaint settlement in writing (nonrecognition, repair, change, proposing the price reduction). The period for the complaint settlement is 30 days in accordance with legal regulations in force.