There's nothing like when a hobby becomes profession and brings joy and benefits for other

We manufacture portable observatory suitable for everyone from astronomers who would like to improve the quality and comfort of observation. Lightweight and easy to build of the observatory is advantage for easy transport during expeditions to observe the celestial objects. Likewise, the observatory can operate year-round on a permanent sheltered location near home. The observatory improves the quality of observation in the form of mitigation of the negative impact of the wind, ground-level lighting and partially dew. It also provides for the telescope to shelter from rain, snow. The observer will enjoy the indoor climate and solid working surface in the form of suspended tables.

observatory CAPH

mono-ply cover
hobby observatory Caph, home garden folding astronomical observatory with rotating dome made from weather resistant mono-ply fabric and aluminium skeleton

color design inside outside color design inside outside
base dome
entrance slot
Lighter cover. Physically less demanding installation cover.

observatory SCHEDIR

double-ply cover
hobby observatory Schedir, home garden folding astronomical observatory with rotating dome made from weather resistant double-ply fabric and aluminium skeleton

color design inside outside color design inside outside
base dome
entrance slot

More pleasant adaptation of vision in the darkness. A review of the external shield, ground-level lighting. Greater elimination highlights inside the dome.


Diameter of the Observatory 2,7 yd. Height of the Observatory 2,8 yd.
Width of the slots 2 ft. Height of entrance 1,3 yd.
The dome rotation 360° Weight 73 lb

Basic dimensions of the observatory

  • made of sufficiently strong and lightweight aluminum alloy,
  • all aluminum parts are treated against oxidation,
  • it does not contain parts subject to corrosion,
  • free plastic joints,
  • designed for easy transport and installation,
  • unlimited rotation of the dome of the observatory,
  • adjustable height legs allows you to place the Observatory on an uneven or slightly inclined terrain.
  • made of tough, breathable polyester fabric with a waterproof layer,
  • the emphasis on water resistance of joints and the zipper shell of the dome,
  • the opening of the fissure can be arbitrarily, as needed,
  • the possibility of the customer's logo embroidery on the front of the slot.
  • total of 20 anchoring points,
  • ensure the safety of the dome against the wind.
  • part of the equipment are 3 hanging tables, each about the size of 0.3 x 1 m,
  • tables contain holes for secure the postponement of the eyepieces.
  • 3 bags of size 35x35x110 cm for transport across the observatory.
  • the observatory is suitable for year-round use.



We are a family company produced hobby Astronomical Observatory with rotating Dome.
Some of us have astronomy as a hobby and therefore we know what is needed for the joy of observing, and we have the benefits produced the Observatory.
Development of lightweight construction hobby observatories have been engaged since 2015.
The first prototype was manufactured in June 2016 and this is fully used to the custom to observation yet.


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Two types

I made my first astronomic folding home observatory with rotating dome using sufficiently thick waterproof white fabric. During its use I checked indisputable benefits of the observatory made this way. At the same time I was trying to find out what else could be improved further. An important question, I wanted to find an...

Our beginning

It happen to me many times during my observing the night sky, the wind, coolness and bright light not completely covered by a full-grown lime tree spoiled my pleasure. Likewise that’s why it happened many times I dismantled everything, I had put together and with precision set for GOTO navigation, to my disappointment and...


Caph and Schedir are names of stars dominating the constellation of Cassiopeia. The constellation of Cassiopeia has become a part of our logo, it is circumpolar and therefore it reigns our night sky all year round. Caph is hot, 55 light years distant star and it shines in yellow even in white and it...