Our beginning

It happen to me many times during my observing the night sky, the wind, coolness and bright light not completely covered by a full-grown lime tree spoiled my pleasure. Likewise that’s why it happened many times I dismantled everything, I had put together and with precision set for GOTO navigation, to my disappointment and put it away sooner than I wanted originally.
Once when “I ran out of patience“, I buried myself in surfing the Internet looking for a shelter similar to an observatory. I found it. Those similar to a tent would not solve the problem of the wind, coolness and unsuitable ground light, and the main thing is I don’t want to camp out in my garden. The thing corresponding it more or less is not made any more.
So I tried to summarize what I really need and if I am able to build such an observatory myself. I knew the answer to the first part at once. I need a sufficiently large, sturdy, easily compoundable and dismountable, as well as portable, shelter with a revolvable dome for me and especially for my telescope where it does not rain inside, the wind does not blow and where there is not any twinkling light of a street lamp or any other parasitic lighting. The answer to the other part I know only today … Yes, I can do it


About the author: František Antropius